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All around the world, eroding beaches are plaguing residents, tourists, the wild life and financial budgets.  Click here to read how the Sandsaver could save our beaches!




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The Sandsaver, is a natural solution to the Beach Erosion and Beach Re-nourishment process.  This technique of re-nourishment drastically reduces the cost of Beach Re-nourishment, based on simple conservative economics that show the modules can be used on either a semi permanent to permanent basis, contingent on the scope of the Re-nourishment project.   The Sandsaver, is improved technology based on past proven technology, previously known as "The Sandgrabber".  This technology successfully worked in multiple installations across The United States of America.  The Sandsaver, improves upon the issues created by the low density issues that were created  by The Sandgrabber.  The Sandsaver modules work in two ways; First by breaking down the energy of the wave, thus reducing erosion.  Second, by allowing the wave, which contains sand, to pass thru the tapered holes and onto the beach surface.  When the tide or water retreats, it has to pass back through the smaller portion of the tapered end of the module, allowing the sand time to settle onto the beach and not back into the surf, thus building beach. 

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According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) over 90 percent of tourism spending is concentrated in coastal states where beaches are the leading tourism destination (Houston 1996). For example, "Miami Beach reported more tourist visits (21 million) than were made to any National Park Service property" (Houston 1995). Houston estimates that the federal government receives annually about six times the tax revenues associated with tourism spending at Miami Beach than it spends to restore beaches for the entire nation (Houston 1996).  Beach Erosion and Restoration costs plague the World to the cost of hundreds of billions of dollars each year.  The amount of tourism revenue to small business, plus the tax revenues created by the tourism for the local create a sensitive topic when it comes to Beach Re-nourishment.  There is lots of money to distribute among few companies who provide dredging services, Lobbyist Groups and Politicians to start.  Many residents of Beach/Coastal areas will tell you that it comes at a premium.  Just as real estate is valued higher, generally property taxes, sales taxes, etc.  all follow suit.   This is where a product that can be re-used or left in place, not only provides a financial savings, it also lowers Fossil Fuel Burn, by not requiring large dredging equipment for long periods of time near the coast line.  Act now to allow Sandsaver to save hard American Tax Dollars and create American Jobs!

Sandsaver Beach Erosion Barrier That Naturally Re-nourishs Beach and Coastal Property, Natural Solution to Beach Erosion,

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